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Share Your Resolutions!


New Year, New Goals

It’s again time to look ahead and set goals for the New Year. I used to keep my New Year’s Resolutions, and the majority of my goals for that matter, to myself. As an introvert, I was too shy to share them with anyone. I often even felt embarrassed about my goals, worried that others would either think they were silly or unattainable.

However, I recently remembered something my elementary school music teacher told me:

“Share your goals with others.”

His reason was simple and logical. If you don’t tell others what your goals are, how do you plan to achieve them? I will be the first to admit that I have a tendency to want to do things on my own. Afterall, I’m an independent woman, right?! While that may be true, it doesn’t mean I can’t seek the help of others.

Benefits of Sharing

When you share your goals with others, you may be surprised what you learn. Do you dream of reliving a childhood memory and taking up dance again? Maybe your friend knows someone who owns a dance studio and can get you a discount on classes. Are you debating whether to get an MBA? Maybe your manager toggled with the same thought a few years ago and could connect you with peers that took different paths.

Chances are that whoever you share your goals with will see you as ambitious for having goals, no matter how “silly” you think they may be. Better yet, sharing your goals with others increases your chances of actually achieving them. For more tips on how to actually achieve your goals check out this Forbes article and share your own tips in the comments!

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Creator of theSTRETCHEDlife, Laura Kay is currently pursuing her MBA in Chicago, IL. Prior to going back to business school, Laura Kay was a management consultant based in Atlanta, GA. She works long hours and friends often ask her “how she does it all.” In reality, she often feels stretched in multiple directions like everyone else. However, her passion for health and wellness has led her to develop strong habits that keep her centered in this chaotic world.


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