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30-Minute Treadmill Endurance Boost

Legs Running on Treadmill

I was feeling surprisingly energized the other morning when I woke up at the Aloft in Bolingbrook, IL.  Knowing I wouldn’t have a lot of free time later in the week due to travel schedules, I wanted to get a good workout in.  I ended up creating a workout that is great for working on hills, speed, and endurance all at the same time.  The workout is especially good for building endurance for two reasons:

  1. Pushes you to maintain speed while increasing incline
  2. Challenges you to keep increasing speed at the end when you are the most tired

My average speed on a steady 30-minute run is about 6.3 so the speeds below worked well for me.  If your average is slower or faster, adjust the starting speed accordingly.  The goal during the middle 20 minutes is to stay at the same speed for five minutes, increasing the incline for the last two minutes.

 Treadmill Workout

 Now don’t forget to cool down and stretch or all that hard work will go to waste!

This treadmill workout could also be adopted for a 5k by increasing the speed at each kilometer, rather than at each 5-minute interval.  With the above speeds I came in at just under 3 miles so if you run just a little faster during your warm up you will hit a 5k.


photo credit: MilitaryHealth physical-activity-120112-M-2021D-019 via photopin (license)


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