A True 30 Minute Workout

Sick of “30 minute workouts” that require time to warm up before and cool down after?  theSTRETCHEDlife has been there too.  These workouts can leave us struggling to catch our bus to work or late to dinner with friends.

This workout truly is 30 minutes, from warm up through cool down.  Pull it out whenever you need a quick cardio blast but are tight on time.

The Workout

Quick Cardio Blast Workout

Workout Details

For warm-up and sprint-jog intervals, it does not matter what type of cardio you do.  If you’re a runner, go with the treadmill.  If you have bad joints, go with the elliptical or bike.  Just remember to push yourself no matter what you choose – you only have to go for 30 minutes total!

The sprint-jog interval speeds will be a little different for everyone.  Personally, I do anywhere from 5 mph to 6 mph jog intervals and 8 mph to 10 mph sprint intervals.  Think of the jog speed as slightly below your average pace for a short run and the sprint speed as a few miles per hour above your average running speed.

I purposefully left about 5 minutes on this workout to cool down and stretch so use it wisely!  Take some deep breaths and stretch out the full body.  Try to eat a good post-workout snack within 30 minutes following your workout as well.  If you don’t let your body recover, it won’t get stronger for your next workout!

P.S. I found this workout pairs nicely with Spotify’s Cardio Playlist!



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