Back in January, ihartnutrition posted a promo code for one month of free barre with Physique 57.  Thinking online barre classes could be a great fit for me given how much I travel, I gave it a try.  After my first month, I am extremely impressed with Physique 57’s on demand workouts.  The quality is as good as I’ve seen other places and there is a ton of variety.

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Physique 57 Workout Reviews

Below is a brief summary of five workouts I tried last month, each of which was very different.


Cardio Burn: Thighs and Core

Duration:  30 minutes

Equipment:  I really just needed a piece of furniture.  I used a partially deflated soccer ball but technically I could have done the core part without a ball.

Sequence:  Started with a quick warm up then went through three “sprints.”  The first two sprints were focused on the thighs and the last one was on the core.  It ended with a nice stretch.

Burn:  Moderate, but still good for beginners.

My Two Cents:  This was the first workout I tried, and since I was used to 50 to 60 minute classes, it felt a little short.  It could be a good quick workout on a day that I am short on time or a good post-run workout on a day that I have more time.  Also, I liked the instructors – the voices didn’t get annoying it was easily to follow the instructions (note: I have don’t barre before so I had that advantage).


Total Body – Focus: Tri’s, Bi’s, and Buns

Duration:  43 minutes

Equipment:  You just need light weights for this one.  If you don’t have those at home, I have subbed water bottles in the past!

Sequence:  Quick warm up is followed by a full body workout and then a stretch.  The first half is more focused on the arms (tri’s and bi’s) while the second half is more focused on the glutes.

Burn:  Intense at times, but I had five pound weights and they were working with two pound weights.

My Two Cents:  I thought this was a nice length for a full workout.  It’s a could be a good go-to for when you are limited on space and access to equipment.  The instructors were good, they kept up a nice banter between the two of them.  However, there was some pretty bad background noise from all the wind that was distracting.


Mat: Arms and Abs

Duration:  35 minutesPhysique 57 at Home

Equipment:  Light weights and an exercise ball are recommended but you could use your own resistance if needed.

Sequence:  The majority of the time you are on the mat.  However, there is a brief portion in the middle where you get up to work on your thighs and hip flexors.

Burn:  Minimal

My Two Cents:  This workout was definitely more focused on abs than arms.  I wouldn’t count it against an “upper body day.”  The ab work was pretty solid though.  It offered more than just crunches and incorporated exercises that target the whole core region (inner thighs, hip flexors, back, upper abs, and lower abs.)  In general, though, I’d save it for a day when I was looking for an easier and shorter workout.  The nice thing about it is that it’s one of those workouts where you don’t get too sweaty so if you don’t have time to shower it’s not a big deal!


Abs with Katie

Duration:  10 minutes

Equipment:  None!

Sequence:  Push-ups to warm up are followed by a variety of traditional ab exercises.

Burn:  Intense for a bit but then it was done so just push through!

My Two Cents:  This is a nice and quick ab set that could be added on to any other workout!


Cardio Sculpt: Lower Body

Duration:  33 minutes

Equipment:  None!

Sequence:  First few minutes are a warm up.  Then you spend just over 10 minutes on each side, repeating the same exercises on each side.  There are then about 6 minutes of abs in typical barre form before ending with a few minutes of stretching.

Burn:  Moderate

My Two Cents:  I did this workout on a day when I didn’t feel like I wanted to go too hard but needed some exercise to start my day off right.  It ended up being a good fit and I liked it because it felt complete and didn’t require any equipment.  I could see myself doing this again in the hotel room on my next business trip!


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