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As I shared in Part I and Part II, I moderated a panel at my office on “Working Moms and Having It All.”  Three moms from my office answered questions sent in from our female colleagues.  The discussion tackled both challenges and changes at work as well as challenges and changes at home.

Listening to women at my office talk about their experiences with working while having kids was eye opening.  I could easily relate to what they had to say because I have the same job they do.  However, I think there are takeaways for everyone in their stories.  The four key takeaways for me were:

  • Think about what makes you feel fulfilled when deciding whether you want to keep working or stay at home after kids – both are tough in their own way
  • Find a firm that will be flexible when you have kids – this will make your life much easier
  • Spend quality time with your kids when you are with them – quality is greater than quantity
  • Remember your husband when balancing work and kids – this relationship is important and can easily fall to the wayside if you aren’t deliberate about itWorking Mom Tips


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