Last week, I co-hosted an Arbonne Facial Party with some friends from work.  I needed some treats for the party and thought this was the perfect time to try out protein balls for the first time.  After all, I keep drooling over them on Instagram.  Plus it would give me an opportunity to share Arbonne’s protein powder with the girls!

I had some carob chips in the pantry and found a protein ball recipe that would use them up.  The recipe was so simple that I honestly wasn’t going to post about it.  But then Laura B., my co-host (and name twin), showed up with another delicious treat filled with Arbonne protein.  And now I can’t stop munching on my Carob Chip Protein Balls or Laura B.’s Vegan Almond Joy Protein Bars and I have to share these two recipes with you!


Carob Chip Protein Balls

The Carob Chip Protein Ball recipe came from POPSUGAR.  As you’ll see, it is super simple.  All you have to do is mix together almond butter, oats, protein powder, egg white, stevia, and carob chips.  You then roll the mixture into little balls and pop it into the oven for six to eight minutes.Carob Chip Protein Balls

The recipe on POPSUGAR only makes six balls.  Trust me when I tell you you’ll want more.  Just go ahead and double the recipe.

For the protein powder, I used the Arbonne’s vegan, plant-based vanilla protein (which I am obsessed with).  But any protein powder will do.  I am even considering trying this recipe with my chocolate protein powder!

To make this a completely vegan treat, you could substitute the egg white with a vegan substitute such as aquafaba.


Vegan Almond Joy Protein Bars

This is the second time I’ve had Laura’s almond joy bars.  The first time was at an Arbonne Wellness Open House, an event that focuses more on Arbonne’s nutrition products than skincare lines.  I remember the bars being incredible, and when I tried them again last week I had to ask for the recipe.Vegan Almond Joy Protein Bars

Laura B. found her recipe on The Healthy Maven.  While I haven’t yet made it myself, it also looks fairly simple.  I especially love that there’s no baking involved – making it the perfect treat for the summertime!

Like the protein balls, the almond joy bars do not contain any refined sugar so they are much lower on the Glycemic Index.

Plus, they have protein to keep you full and help repair your muscles!  Laura also used Arbonne’s vanilla protein, but any protein powder will do.  The Healthy Maven recommends Epicure’s Sweet Coconut protein, which I imagine would give it an even stronger coconut taste.  You could definitely still taste the coconut in Laura B.’s recipe though, so don’t fret if you don’t have coconut-flavor!


More Healthy Party Snacks

I put out a few other snacks alongside the protein treats to complete the spread for the Facial Party:

  • Baby carrots and hummus
  • Light White Cheddar Popcorn
  • Alyssa’s Healthy Vegan Bites (I recently found these at Publix and everyone I’ve shared them with is always blown away by the fact there are only 45 calories per cookie!)
  • Brownie Bites… because 80/20 rule : )

Arbonne Party Treats

These healthy-ish snacks only took a few minutes to pull together and could easily be used at any small gathering of friends.

Share your favorite healthy party snacks in the comments and let me know if you try either of the protein treat recipes.  I’d love to hear about the different variations you come up with!


**Laura Kay is an Arbonne Independent Consultant. If you are interested in learning more about Arbonne’s safe, pure, and beneficial products please contact her directly via email:


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