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Getting Back on Track


This is officially the longest I have gone without posting (over a month *gasp*!).  Many of you have even asked if I am going to continue blogging while in school.  The answer is YES, absolutely yes!  And I am sorry to have left you hanging for so long!

theSTRETCHEDlife is all about balance.  Previously, I was balancing long work hours (many of which were on the road) as a consultant with maintaining friendships, family, and my health.  My friends often asked how I did it and I loved sharing tips and tricks so I decided to start theSTRTECHEDlife.

Laura Kay at Kellogg
Laura Kay in her brand new business school

Now, I am entering a new chapter of my life and facing a new balancing act challenge.  As an MBA candidate, I have slightly more freedom to make my own schedule, but managing priorities gets real.  Do I want to sign up for eight clubs that sound interesting to me or become an effective leader in one of them?  Do I want to go out with friends Tuesday night or be able to make my Wed 8am spin class?  Do I go to the company networking night at the wings place or do I want to come home and eat the healthy dinner I meal prepped with my SO?

The list goes on and on.  For the first month at school, (which included a party trip to Croatia with new peers, a week-long orientation, and completing two courses over a two-week pre-term) I have just dived in trying to get to know the people and culture as well as possible.  This resulted in consuming more pizza and beer than I had in the entire year-to-date, but making connections early on was important to me and my MBA experience.

The Fall quarter officially started yesterday so I am starting to have a little more control over my schedule.  But from what I’ve seen so far there will always be more activities available to me than I can imagine and the FOMO is real.  With the first week of classes upon me, it is time to refocus on my goals and think of creative ways to fit in everything I want to while also keeping a healthy mind and body.  Maybe that means just meeting friends for one drink (or a soda water!) on Tuesday night so I can make my Wed 8am spin class.  Maybe that means having a healthy snack before the company networking event and then having a healthy dinner later at night.

I look forward to sharing new stories and advice with you as a result of my new experience and encourage you to continue to share yours with me and theSTRETCHEDlife community!


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