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I love this time of year for many reasons. First, the holidays are a great excuse to see friends and family. Second, I am a sucker for holiday lights. There’s just something about walking around town with a warm beverage, curled up in a big wool sweater, taking in all the snow and bright lights that brings me joy.

But one thing I always forget about this time of year until it comes around again is how nice it is to have a little time to reflect on how I am feeling, what I want to let go of in my life, and where I want to go in the future. When I was working, I always tried to take at least two weeks off over the holidays. This gave me enough time not only to catch up with friends and family but to also decompress and take a step back from my current situation.

This year, I am back in school and have a whole month off. It’s pretty packed with holiday parties, wedding planning, and interview prep, but there is also a lot of travel time between all these activities. I decided to use the travel time from Chicago to Atlanta to California to Michigan and back to Chicago to catch up on podcasts that I’d been meaning to listen to.

Below are four podcasts that I’ve enjoyed this month and recommend checking out. Each touch on different topics I am passionate about: entrepreneurship, intention, and mindfulness.

How I Built This – I first learned about this podcast when I was talking to another health fanatic about the power bar industry. There is an episode in the series on the founder of Clif Bar and how he transformed the industry. I soon discovered all the other amazing interviews Guy Raz has conducted with innovators and entrepreneurs. So far, I have mostly listened to the health and wellness related episodes (e.g., Barre3) but it covers all industries. It has been fascinating to listen to the founders’ stories and think about how I could take different aspects of what they’ve done to create my own business one day.

The Lively ShowThis is another one recommended to me by a b-school friend. Jill and I quickly learned that we were both passionate about mindfulness, and before we even knew how much we’d need it due to the craziness of business school, we set up a “mindful coffee break” where we catch up and re-energize each other by reminding each other what is really important in the here and now. During one of these chats she told me about Jess Lively’s podcast on flowing with intention. I am just started to learn what this means for me, but it is clear that it has transformed the lives of many individuals.

Wanderlust Speakeasy – I learned about this podcast when I went to Wanderlust Stratton last summer. I loved the speakers at Wanderlust Stratton and was thrilled to learn a collection of past speakers were archived on this podcast. Speakers cover everything from gut health to high vibe living.

The Hidden Brain – This has been a favorite for years. The first time I heard Shankar Vedantam on NPR’s Morning Edition I knew I had to start following him. His stories focus on how the unconscious drives human behavior and my the sociologist in me can’t get enough of it. I recently caught up on a series of episodes he did over the summer that focused on the intersection of our subconscious and how we can create our own dream jobs. What a perfect podcast to listen to after completing my first quarter of business school!


What are some of your favorite podcasts?


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