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Treadmill Workout: Indoor Hike


So you shared your New Year’s Resolutions with your squad and were all set for this to be the year you got in shape.  But now it’s freezing outside and there’s no possible way you’re going for a run.  I get it.  And that’s why I’ve created this indoor treadmill workout.

Not only is this workout indoors, it will also help get your cardiovascular system going without shocking your system.  Don’t feel like you need to be sprinting on the treadmill to hit your goals.  This treadmill workout will pump up your heart rate and burn that extra fat from the holidays.

Indoor Hike Treadmill Workout

Adjust the speed based on your current fitness level.  If you can’t maintain 3.7 mph on a 14% incline, no problem! It’s just a target to work towards.  If you are able to maintain a conversation with your friend while doing 3.7 mph on a 14% incline, pump up the speed!

Happy hiking!

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