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We are all stretched in a million different directions each and every day.  Staying fit, eating healthy, and taking time for yourself to unwind are all activities that can quickly get neglected.  theSTRETCHEDlife recognizes this challenge but also realizes that staying healthy, both mentally and physically, must be our number one priority.  Without our health, how else are we supposed to do the other things we enjoy?  theSTRETCHEDlife posts range from quick tips to inspirational stories, and are all designed to help you fit healthy habits into your busy lives.

Laura Kay

Creator of theSTRETCHEDlife, Laura Kay is a management consultant based in Atlanta, GA.  Laura Kay works long hours, often traveling across the country, and is also applying to business school.  Friends often ask her “how she does it all.”  In reality, she often feels stretched in multiple directions like everyone else.  However, her passion for health and wellness has led her to develop strong habits that keep her centered in this chaotic world.